3 Reasons to Buy Photo Graphic Edges

Photo Graphic Edges is an easy to use image enhancing program that is made by Auto FX Software. Photo Graphic Edges enhances your photos by helping you add borders, edges, and frames to them. Photo Graphic Edges is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Adobe Photoshop support is also provided by Photo Graphic Edges, which allows you to easily integrate the programs together. Here are some other reasons to buy Photo Graphic Edges.

1. Easy to Use Interface

One of the best reasons to buy Photo Graphic Edges is its easy to use interface. The Photo Graphic Edges interface includes a streamlined workflow, which allows you to enhance more photos in a shorter period of time. To help you enhance your photos with precision, Photo Graphic Edges also provides large content previews.

2. Preset Effects

Photo Graphic Edges comes with over 300 preset effects, which makes the program easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. The over 300 preset effects that are included with Photo Graphic Edges are photo layouts and instant effects. Photo Graphic Edges even allows you to create your own presets that you can save and use at a later time. You can apply presets to your photos with a single click of your mouse, as well.

3. Brush On Effects

Getting the exact look that you want is easy thanks to the brush on effects feature that is included with Photo Graphic Edges. With the brush on effects feature, you select a brush size and then apply the associated effect to your photo as you see fit. Creating ripple effects on photos is very easy with the brush on effects feature.