3 Reasons to Buy MemoryMixer

MemoryMixer is an innovative and fun tool that helps you complete your scrapbooking projects; it is a software program you can use to create a calendar, a photo book or a portfolio. You can also use it to combine your pictures and images with music, video or narration, burning the project to CD or DVD, so that you can see it on your TV as well. Below are some reasons why you should buy MemoryMixer:

1. Time Saving

MemoryMixer is a time saving tool. It allows you to save time by completing your scrapbooking project in a few minutes. Its interface is easy and understandable, even if you haven’t created an album before. This way you can save time and money. The effects and the backgrounds are digitally created and customized, so that they can be used again and again, depending on your needs each time.

2. Easy to Use

MemoryMixer puts an end to mess and hassle. You don’t need to create a regular photo album anymore, cutting and gluing pictures. Everything is digital and done with a few simple clicks--the great drag and drop option. MemoryMixer gives you the chance to be totally organized, saving your images, creating the projects you want and editing your images, without compromising their quality.

3. Variety of Features

The program comes packed with numerous effects and features that give you the chance to get creative. You can build the photo album you want from scratch, making use of the numerous embellishments and effects included in the program. You can actually bring your memories to life, while enhancing the not so perfect images with MemoryMixer.