3 Reasons to Buy Mask Pro

Mask Pro is a plug-in for Photoshop recommended by numerous professionals and magazines to image editors who wish to remove an unwanted background and edit the image the way they want. The program allows for cutting off objects and subjects, choosing new colors and palettes, and painting away the existing font. This plug in allows the user to clip around some of the hardest features to edit, such as smoke, hair or glasses, without damaging or compromising the fine details of the picture. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying this program.

1. New Techniques

Masking was previously associated with edge tools which posed a rather serious challenge when you had to remove transparent objects and fine elements such as hair, clothes, veils and such. In most cases, you would need two to three different plug-ins to remove colors, edges and restore transparency. Mask Pro incorporates a new technique that allows you to clean up edges and remove objects, retaining transparency in just one click. Basically, you create the mask that retains all the elements and details you want, and you can then remove all the objects you don’t need.

2. Easy Interface

Mask Pro has a very easy and intuitive interface, which is both fun and understandable. You will be able to do some great cutout work, practicing the numerous tutorials that accompany the program. You will be able to respond to the most challenging masking tasks and achieve professional looking results.

3. Reasonable Price

The plug-in is available to buy at $159, which is a rather reasonable price for its features and powerful elements. Mask Pro seems to be a good value for its money, based on the reviews of experienced image editors.