3 Reasons to Buy MagicCamera

MagicCamera is a great webcam program that is made by Shining Morning Software. Simply put, MagicCamera will enhance your webcam experience when you are chatting with your friends and family. A few reasons to buy MagicCamera are listed below. A free 30 day trial of MagicCamera is available and MagicCamera is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

1. Webcam Recording

One of the best reasons to buy MagicCamera is webcam recording. MagicCamera allows you to record the chat that you are having with your friend, family member or business contact. Once your chat is finished recording, you can play it back whenever you want to. With MagicCamera, you can even take still image snapshots while you are chatting away.

2. Amazing Webcam Effects

Are you looking to share a few laughs while you are using your webcam? MagicCamera comes with over 1,000 amazing webcam effects that you can apply while you are using your webcam. For example, you can use one of the transform effects to warp your face into something different or you can apply funny photo frames to your webcam screen with MagicCamera.

3. Virtual Webcam

The virtual webcam feature that comes standard with MagicCamera is a very unique feature. MagicCamera is capable of simulating a fake webcam, which allows you to use your webcam to share videos or photos that you have previously recorded. For example, if you don't get to spend too much time with your friends, you can play a movie through your webcam that you can watch with all of your friends, regardless of where in the world they live.