3 Reasons to Buy HDR Efex Pro

HDR Efex Pro is a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop, an essential tool for those who wish to create HDR images with an all-in-one software program that incorporates a vast array of features and presets. It promises fast results and powerful and precise controls, based on a well-researched patented formula. Why should you buy HDR Efex Pro?

1. Creating HDR look

Creating the HDR look from just one picture is an amazing task for most photographers and editing experts. HDR effect is a truly dramatic effect you need to add to your images you want to edit and reprocess, in order to enhance the exposure or to bring secondary subjects to light.

2. Compatibility with Adobe and Apple

One of the great advantages of HDR Efex Pro is its compatibility and tight integration with Adobe products, such as Adobe Photoshop, Light Room and Apple Aperture. This workflow allows you to create HDR images fast, making use of the programs that are already popular and commonly operated by photographers and editing experts. The combination of programs ensures exciting and interesting results.

3. Powerful Tools

HDR Efex Pro features powerful controls able to yield several different HDR image styles and looks that range from creative to photo realistic. This plugin allows ghost removal, fine-tuning and shadow recovery from a single or multiple images. It also features automatic image alignment and subject motion reduction. There are also video tutorials available which teach you step by step how to use the HDR Efex Pro plugin and how to integrate its features to the other compatible programs.