3 Reasons to Buy Fluid Mask

Fluid Mask is a type of computer software used to help you cut out, blend, mix and otherwise manipulate images to create graphic projects. Some of the reasons to buy it include:

1. Works Faster than Similar Programs

After extensive testing, it was shown that the Fluid Mask cut out features beat other cut out programs and works about 50 percent quicker than similar programs (and between three and six times faster for harder image files).

2. Justified Pay

It was also discovered that the program pays for itself after 40 cut out projects are completed using the program, especially when complex items are chosen, such as oddly shaped items (since you can use its features in a half hour of computer time). This is when compared to hiring a graphic artist who takes several hours and charges an average of $40 an hour.

3. Plenty of Tips and Tutorials

Fluid Mask contains a wealth of knowledge and how-to tips in its onscreen tutorials. It uses a system of pointers and markers to show the user exactly how each feature operates and gives links to further information for more guidance. Users can also go to the Fluid Mask website to get even more tips and support from the customer support section.