3 Reasons to Buy Dreamweaver Software

Dreamweaver software is a web design program that is made by Adobe. You can use Dreamweaver to build standard based websites visually or directly in code. Dreamweaver is capable of running on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Of course, you would want to buy Dreamweaver for its features, so this guideline will go over the best features of Dreamweaver.

1. State of the Art Web Design Tools

Dreamweaver is one of the few web design programs out there that allows you to design websites visually or by code. The industry leading web authoring tool that is featured in Dreamweaver even comes with CSS inspection tools that make it easy for you to design productively. Dreamweaver also comes with integrated CMS support for most major frameworks, including Joomla! and WordPress.

2. Code Hinting

You do not need to be an expert coder to create websites with Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver comes with a code hinting tool that will help you insert code onto your website as long as you type the first few letters of the code. The code hinting tools that are featured in Dreamweaver can even help you code for various CMS frameworks and PHP libraries.

3. CSS Support

One of the best features of Dreamweaver is comprehensive CSS support. Using other web design programs to code with CSS can be a pain because they force you to manually edit CSS. Dreamweaver allows you to display the CSS model while you are coding your website, which drastically reduces the need to manually edit CSS, even when you are using external style sheets.