3 Reasons to Buy Composite Wizard

Composite Wizard is an after effects compositing tool that is made by Red Giant Software. You can easily use Composite Wizard to correct bluescreen and greenscreen imperfections thanks to the over 20 filters that are included. The reasons to buy Composite Wizard include:

1. Smooth Screen

The smooth screen feature in Composite Wizard allows you to quickly and easily apply a smoothing effect to bluescreens and greenscreens. The purpose of the smooth screen feature is to reduce lighting and surface variances. Best of all, you are able to use the smooth screen feature in Composite Wizard without keying.

2. Composite Color Matcher

Composite Wizard makes it easy to blend the colors of a clip with the composite environment. Composite Wizard is able to do this by blending the tonal and exposure ranges of the different colors. You can use the composite color matcher in Composite Wizard with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

3. Deluxe Edge Finder

One of the best reasons to buy Composite Wizard is its deluxe edge finder. You can use the deluxe edge finder in Composite Wizard to create the perfect border along the alpha channel of a layer. You can then use the border to control certain aspects of the composite's edge, such as color balance and transparency.