3 Reasons to Buy Comic Life

Comic Life is a sophisticated program that gives you the chance to create comics from your pictures within a few minutes. You can create picture albums and instruction booklets the easy way, making use of the numerous features incorporated in the program. Here are some reasons why you should buy Comic Life.

1. Have Fun with Your Pictures

Since you take numerous pictures with digital cameras, you can choose to do something fun with them. Comic Life gives you the option to get playful and become very creative, making something fun and memorable with your photos. Comic is an exceptional form of art. If you transform your regular pictures to comics and comic books, you will be able to impress your friends while enjoying the process.

2. Easiness

The software program is straightforward, easy to use, and it offers the user a rather pleasant and fun experience. Comic Life works with iPhoto for Mac computers and allows you to choose the pictures you want to import into your comic template and book. You will be able to preview them and make the necessary changes before creating your new project.

3. Effects

Needless to say, Comic Life features a vast array of effects and settings that will make the result look both fun and professional. You will be able to customize the settings and options in your comic book and add text wherever you want, so that your project looks like a real comic story with a script. You can use the typical text bubbles to add words to your characters. Moreover, you will be able to share them with your friends online in a few clicks, using the iWeb utility.

Using Comic Life offers a great way to share photos with your friends while at the same time having a great time.