3 Reasons to Buy Capture NX2

Capture NX2 is a type of computer software used to perform photo image editing from Nikon. Here are a few reasons why you should buy this program:

1. Easy to Learn

Capture NX2 is not hard to learn to use. All you have to do is place your cursor on the area of the photo you want to edit. Then, use the control point features and move it to the left or right to control color hues, brightness, saturation and other features of your photo.

2. Saves Time

Capture NX2 has a batch processing feature that lets you choose what you want to change in an image, and then you can save that change and use the setting to process several photos that need the exact same type of adjustment. This saves you valuable time since you no longer have to do each and every photo individually. This is especially valuable to commercial photographers.

3. Quick Fix Feature

Quick Fix combines several common tools such as content, saturation, level and highlighting and lets you use them to quickly and easily correct any issues with your digital photo or video image files. This too saves you time since you don’t have to look up each type of correction separately.