3 Reasons to Buy Arcsoft PhotoImpression

Arcsoft PhotoImpression is an affordable program that helps you easily organize and manage your photos, music files and videos. Arcsoft PhotoImpression is even capable of performing basic photo editing functions. The reasons to buy Arcsoft PhotoImpression include:

1. Easy Organization

With Arcsoft PhotoImpression, you no longer have to organize your photos on your own anymore. Arcsoft PhotoImpression will search your entire computer for photos, music and videos and will organize it all for you. Via the Calendar Browser in Arcsoft PhotoImpression, you can even view your media by the date you put it on your computer.

2. Photo Enhancement

Arcsoft PhotoImpression comes with a feature called Easy Fix Wizard. Easy Fix Wizard will take you step by step through the photo enhancement process. Photo enhancement tools that are included with Arcsoft PhotoImpression include: improve color, straighten, sharpen, crop, enhance and fix red-eye.

3. Edit Hundreds of Photos at Once

If you are in a rush, Arcsoft PhotoImpression allows you to edit hundreds of photos at once. The batch processing tool that is included with Arcsoft PhotoImpression allows you to resize, rename and rotate hundreds of photos with a single click of your mouse.