3 Key Gallery Features of ImageFolio Pro

ImageFolio Pro is a digital asset management program. Basically, ImageFolio Pro takes over and makes it easy for you to view, publish and maintain your photos and videos. ImageFolio Pro is capable of running on Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. You can purchase ImageFolio Pro on its own, or you can purchase the Zoomify Plug-In and receive ImageFolio Pro for free. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Customizable User Database

ImageFolio Pro allows you to create a customizable user database that allows others to view your photo and video gallery. Users will have to fill out a form that you create to have access to your galleries. You do not require user registration, but it does make it easier for you to track who is taking a peak at your work.

2. Lightbox Manager

One of the best features of ImageFolio Pro is its lightbox manager. If you are sharing your galleries with others, the lightbox manager allows registered users to collect their favorite files and images from your gallery for use elsewhere. The lightbox manager allows users to do everything from adding files to the lightbox to creating new lightboxes to deleting saved lightboxes.

3. Page Customization

You have complete control over your photo and/or video gallery with ImageFolio Pro. In terms of navigation, available options include text and graphical navigation. You can even decide if you want your images displayed vertically or horizontally. ImageFolio Pro comes with 10 different skins that you can choose from to personalize your galleries, as well. If given access from the database manager, registered users can take advantage of the same page customization features that the database manager can.