3 Key Features of Zoner Draw

Zoner Draw is an easy to use vector graphics editor that is made by Zoner Photo Studio. Zoner Draw is capable of editing anything from drawings and illustrations to maps and blueprints. The user friendly Zoner Draw interface is great for amateur and professional graphics editors alike. Zoner Draw is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Web Graphics

Zoner Draw is a great program for editing web graphics. Being precise when you are editing web graphics is very important, which is why Zoner Draw allows you to use pixels as a unit of measurement. Any of the changes that you make to a web graphic that you are editing in Zoner Draw can be exported in BMP format, which ensures that the quality of your graphic is maintained during the upload process.

2. Graphic Documents

You can even use Zoner Draw to create graphical documents. Graphical documents that can be created in Zoner Draw include letterheads, greeting cards, envelopes, flyers, price tags and much more. To help you create graphic documents, Zoner Draw comes with clip art, advanced text tools and advanced printing options.

3. Graphic Design

Zoner Draw is one of the better graphic design programs on the market. You can use Zoner Draw to create and edit everything from logos to illustrations to presentation graphics. Graphic design tools that come standard with Zoner Draw include geometric shapes, advanced curve editing, pre-defined polygons, fountain fills, customizable pen styles and boolean operations. Zoner Draw even allows you to edit and create text on any image that you are editing.