3 Key Features of Watermark Factory

Watermark Factory is a great program that allows you to add image and text watermarks to any image. If you are a professional photographer, it is a good idea to apply a watermark to your photos so no one steals them and infringes on your copyrights. Watermark Factory is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Here are three key features of the program:

1. Batch Processing

One of the best features of Watermark Factory is batch processing. It can take hours of your time to individually apply watermarks to the photos that you have taken. Watermark Factory allows you to select as many photos as you would like and apply a text or image watermark to all of them with just a few clicks of your mouse. The faster you watermark your photos, the faster you can shoot more photos and earn more money.

2. Preview Feature

You may decide to apply your watermark to different areas in different photos. To let you know what your photo will look like with a watermark, Watermark Factory comes with a preview feature. As soon as you select a photo and the watermark is applied, a sample of the photo will appear on your screen before you finalize the watermark on the photo.

3. Image Converter

Not only is Watermark Factory a great watermarking program, but it is also an image converter. Watermark Factory allows you to convert your photos to most popular image file formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG and TIFF. Watermark Factory is even able to open most RAW image formats from popular digital camera brands such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.