3 Key Features of VideoImpression

The ArcSoft VideoImpression computer software is used to combine images and video files together with sound, words and scene transitions to make home movies or slide shows. Here are some of its key features:

1. Personalizes with the Addition of Images, Sound, etc. Files

Users can use the program to drag and drop their still picture files, sound track files, and words to create their own video CD and then play it on a regular DVD player. The Mac version can even export the finished product straight to a disc.

2. Captures Videos from cameras

With this program users can get the video from their HD video camera and save it to make a DVD. It works with all high-end video DV cameras, including Sony, Dell, Cannon, and more. Just plug the camera into the computer and use VideoImpression to download it into the hard drive for editing.

3. Easy to Use

The program is simple for anyone to use and leads the movie creator step by step through the process so it’s almost impossible to mess it up. The menus are easy to figure out and can be learned in only a few minutes.

All in all, VideoImpression is one of the best and easiest movie making software programs, with its versatility, ease of use and the quality of its final video product.