3 Key Features of Video Insight

Video Insight is an easy-to-use video recording program. If you have any security cameras at your home or place of business, Video Insight is able to record the footage that those cameras shoot. This guideline will go over a few key features of Video Insight.

1. Camera Support

One of the best features of Video Insight is camera support. Many video recording programs only support a limited number of cameras. Video Insight supports approximately 650 camera models from 50 different manufacturers. Video Insight even supports megapixel cameras that feature recorded and live zoom. Video Insight supports an unlimited number of servers and up to 100 cameras per server.

2. Live Video

In addition to using Video Insight to record video, you can also view live video from the cameras that you have synced with Video Insight. To make your life easy, you are able to view the video by using a Windows based client or by logging onto the web, which allows you to check on your cameras from anywhere in the world. Best of all, Video Insight is easy to use, so little to no training is required to learn how to use the Windows and web clients that are associated with Video Insight.

3. Multi Location Support

There are very few video recording programs out there that feature multi location support. The multi location support tools that are included with Video Insight allow you to sync cameras from different locations to the same copy of Video Insight. You can even configure all of your cameras from a single computer, which is a huge time saver.