3 Key Features of TrueLook

TrueLook is a webcam service. Basically, you install TrueLook on your hosting space or web server and it allows visitors to view your network of web cameras. Being that TrueLook is web based, it is compatible with all types of operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Web-Based Administration Tools

One of the best features of TrueLook are the web-based administration features that come standard with the service. You are able to control your entire network of web cameras by simply logging onto the Internet. You can even make live changes to your network of web cameras without having any system restarts or downtimes, which your website visitors will love.

2. Live, Interactive Web Cams

With TrueLook, visitors will have 24 hour access to your high resolution web cameras. By simply clicking on one of the cameras that appears on your website, visitors are able to control the camera. Website visitors can even pan, tilt and zoom the camera that they are watching so they can focus in on a point of interest. Best of all, your cameras will always be available in real time.

3. Email Picture Postcards

You will love the email picture postcards feature that is included with TrueLook if you are looking to bring attention to your website. TrueLook allows your website visitors to send an email postcard to their friends and family that contains a link to the live web cameras that are on your website. Best of all, it doesn't cost you a dime, which means you are getting free marketing.