3 Key Features of Squizz

Squizz is a photo distortion program you can use with PhotoShop or other photo programs to make funny and different pictures out of your own images. Here are some of the features of Squizz:

1. Warp Features in Photos and other Special Effects

This fantastic program can warp your facial features into funny looks and stretched out faces, plus you can wrap labels around shapes, distort the images with three types of Bezier paths, and work in any layer of your images.

2. Works with Several File Formats

Squizz is compatible with several formats, including LAB, RGB, RGB 16b and CMYK color formats. You can use it with most photo and image files such as .jpeg or .tiff. It works quickly and easily with your files.

3. Full Control Over what you Change in you Photos

When you use Squizz to make your photos over into something else entirely, you have full control of the features you change. You pick the features, and then you control it through the program’s brushes, envelopes, and grids. Just follow the simple steps outlined in the program and you will be well on your way to remaking your image the way you want.