3 Key Features of Smart Pix Manager

Smart Pix Manager is a photo and slideshow management program that is made by Xequte Software. Smart Pix Manager makes it easy for you to manage, organize and view your photos. Smart Pix Manager is compatible with Windows operating systems only. A few key features of Smart Pix Manager include:

1. Easy Photo Organization

Smart Pix Manager allows you to create categories that you can place your photos in. When you upload your photos to Smart Pix Manager, you are able to attach keywords to your photos. For example, if you are uploading photos of your dog, Toby, you can tag those photos with the name Toby. To access your photos of Toby, simply type Toby into the search field in Smart Pix Manager and the program will pull all photos of Toby up for you.

2. Photo Editing Tools

Smart Pix Manager even comes with a few powerful photo editing tools that you can use to enhance your photos. One of the best tools that is included with Smart Pix Manager is the red eye removal tool. Other photo editing tools that come with Smart Pix Manager include cropping and lossless rotation.

3. Supported File Formats

Smart Pix Manager supports dozens of image, RAW camera, video and sound file formats. Smart Pix Manager is able to import RAW images from most popular digital camera brands, such as Canon, Kodak, Nikon and Olympus. A few of the many image file formats that are supported by Smart Pix Manager are BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.