3 Key Features of SimpleViewer

SimpleViewer is a free computer software program that lets you make custom images from their photo files. It has many good features, such as smart preloading, a thumbnail viewer, and text description. Here is an explanation of a few of the features:

1. Universal Playback Option

This is very versatile program and it supports the universal playback mode, which means it can work on and support many formats, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and even phone formats like iPhone and Anrdoid. You can see your photos as full size images or make a series of thumb nails to have easy access to them all at once.

2. Used on any Website

The program is very user-friendly and can be used on any website to view and work with images. For instance, it seamlessly loads your image files from your Flickr account and helps you make image galleries using sv Builder, a desktop application included within the Simple Viewer software.

3. Two Viewing Settings

It can be used in a full-screen mode where you see your image take up the whole monitor, or put it in re-sizeable mode so you can make your pictures any size you want. This helps to make the program work faster since you can quickly find the image you want to work with.