3 Key Features of ScrapBook Max

ScrapBook Max, which is made by Indigo Rose Software, is a digital scrapbooking program. ScrapBook Max makes it easy for you to create professional looking scrapbooks in no time at all. ScrapBook Max is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Easy to Use Interface

The best feature of ScrapBook Max is its easy to use interface. ScrapBook Max comes with a wizard that allows you to build an awesome scrapbook in three simple steps. Simply select a template, add your photos, and share your scrapbook with your friends and family. ScrapBook Max even allows you to customize your scrapbook pages by rearranging the elements on the page.

2. Creative Tools and Effects

ScrapBook Max comes with dozens of creative tools and effects that you can use to spruce up your scrapbook pages. If you are using a page template, ScrapBook Max allows you to manipulate, resize and rotate everything that you see on the template. Other tools and effects that are included with ScrapBook Max include colorizing objects, the ability to add shadows, and the ability to bend, stretch and curve text.

3. Sharing Your Scrapbook

ScrapBook Max makes it easy for you to share your scrapbook with your friends and family. With just a single click of your mouse, you can print your scrapbook with ScrapBook Max. ScrapBook Max even comes with a built-in email wizard that will help you email your scrapbook to your friends and family.