3 Key Features of PTGui

PTGui is panoramic stitching software which was created to use as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools. However, it has now been upgraded so it works as full-fledged photo editing software that works with both Windows and Mac. Here are a few of its features:

1. Works with Multiple Picture Files at the Same Time

Using the program, you can hook together as many photos as you want to create a single panoramic view. Even if you want to use hundreds of photos, there is no limit.

2. Works in Either Automatic or Manual Modes

PTGui can make the panoramic images automatically, but it also gives the user full control over every image. In that you can manually fix any that seem off or not lined up properly so the finished image is perfect.

3. Works with Difficult Types of Images

When using PTGui it doesn’t matter if your image is slanted horizontal, vertical or even all crooked, the program will still be able to use them to create the panoramic view that you want. Each layer can be monitored by you during this process so you can easily manipulate the ones that you want to create the perfect example of a finished project.