3 Key Features of Print Creations

Print Creations is a photo software program that lets users produce imagery products out of their photos such as calendars, cards and scrapbooks. Here are a few of the features:

1. Lets you Add Pre-written Greetings Automatically

If you don’t know what to write for your own greetings for your cards, the Print Creations program can do it for you. It will automatically put appropriate verses or greeting words when you make a card. You can choose from several different fonts and designs. It will also do a spelling check so you will have a professional looking card every time.

2.  Auto Reminders Built into the Program

This program offers the option of setting reminders so you don’t forget anyone’s birthday, anniversary or other special date for which you might want to create and send a card. It will even automatically make the card for you at the same time if you like.

3. Includes Pre-made Templates of Designs

Print Creations gives you many templates from which to make your projects. Additional templates can be downloaded from the web, and then you can add your own images and words to finish it off. You can also create your own designs.