3 Key Features of Premiere Elements 9

Premiere Elements 9 is a state of the art video editing program that is made by Adobe Systems. You can use this program to create polished movies instantly that you can share with your friends and family. Unlike many other video editing programs, Premiere Elements 9 is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. This guideline will provide you with an overview of three key features of Premiere Elements 9.

1. Fixing Audio Problems

Don't you just hate working with video files that have poor audio? That wouldn't be a problem if you had Premiere Elements 9. This program comes with a tool that enables you to reduce background noise from any audio file. You can even use this video editing program to adjust the master volume of your entire video file.

2. Sharing on the Web

Premiere Elements 9 makes it easy for you to share your videos on the web with your friends and family. The program comes with tools that can help you upload your finished product to Photoshop.com or you own website. Premiere Elements 9 will even include a scene index and chapter menus when you upload your video to the website of your choosing.

3. Facebook

One of the best features of Premiere Elements 9 is integrated Facebook support. Once you are done editing your video, simply click on the button that says Share to Facebook and you can upload your video directly from the program. Premiere Elements 9 will even optimize your video for you to ensure that it looks as good as possible on Facebook.