3 Key Features of PicturesToExe

PicturesToExe is a slideshow-making program that is made by WNSoft. PicturesToExe allows you to easily create professional looking slideshows that contain music, photos and/or videos. PicturesToExe is available in a standard and deluxe edition and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Here are some key features of this program:

1. Single Executable File

One of the best features of PicturesToExe is the single executable file that it creates. Other slideshow making programs will create multiple files that are needed to run a single slideshow presentation. PicturesToExe bundles your slideshow presentation into a single executable file that can be played on both Windows and Mac computers. The file will contain all images, music, videos and effects that you applied to your slideshow.

2. DVD Burning

Not only does PicturesToExe save your slideshow in a single executable file, but PicturesToExe even allows you to burn your slideshow to a DVD. PicturesToExe comes with a feature called VideoBuilder that can help you burn your slideshow presentations to DVDs in no time at all. You even get to adjust the menu for your slideshow and set other parameters that are related to the DVD.

3. Output Options

PicturesToExe comes with quite a few awesome output options. To create a professional looking slideshow with 3D effects, you can output your slideshow in HD video. The HD video output feature in PicturesToExe utilizes the H.264 codec, which means you are able to view the slideshow in HD on both PCs and Macs. PicturesToExe even comes with a tool that can output your slideshow for iPads and iPhones so you can view your slideshow on the go.