3 Key Features of PicPick

PicPick, which is made by Wiziple Software, is an easy to use image creation program. PicPick provides a screen capture tool and an image editor. Other tools that are provided by PicPick include a color picker, pixel ruler, color palette and crosshair. PicPick is available as freeware for personal use, which means there are no downsides to giving the program a try.

1. Screen Capture

One of the best features of PicPick is screen capture. PicPick allows you to take a screenshot of any image and view it in full screen or your active window. PicPick even provides tools that allow you to share screenshots via FTP, email, Twitter or Facebook. The screen capture tool that is included with PicPick supports auto scroll and dual monitors, as well.

2. Image Editor

The image editor in PicPick is very easy to use, which means you won't have to waste time reading a help guide or manual. PicPick supports standard drawing and also allows you to create arrows, shapes, lines and much more. A few of the image editing tools that are included with PicPick are blur, hue, sharpen, pixelate, flip, frame effect and rotate.

3. Color Picker and Palette

The color picker and palette in PicPick makes it easy for you to create new images or edit old images. PicPick supports various color code types, such as Delphi, RGB, C++ and HTML. Conversion support for Photoshop is also provided. With PicPick, you are even able to pick and save your favorite colors so you can easily use them for future images.