3 Key Features of PhotoPrinto

PhotoPrinto is a Macintosh computer program that sorts your photos and makes them into individualized photo albums in only a few minutes time. Here are some of its features:

1. Tools for Creating your Digital Scrapbook

You can create individual photo album using the tools in the PhotoPrinto program that help you to choose a template, add words, put in decorative borders, add photo image masks, and do things like crop or add a soft edge to images.

2. Lets you Share Images on the Internet

Once you create your digital photo album, you can export it into a webpage format and share it on your website for your family and friends to look at. You can make the scrapbook with as many pages as you want and can arrange it anyway you want before you upload it.

3. Comes with 30 Premade Templates to Choose From

The program comes with 30 templates already installed into the software. Just choose the one you want and load in your images and get started making your very own photo scrapbook you will be proud to show you friends.

All in all, PhotoPrinto is a good photo album creator that is simple and fast to use and is good for the beginning photographer that wants to show off their pictures in style.