3 Key Features of PhotoLight

PhotoLight is a computer software plug-in program that is used to create a realistic lighting effect for all your photos through PhotoShop, Apple Aperture, Lightroom, or Elements. It is used in addition to those programs, but doesn’t run by itself. Here are some of the features:

1. Hundreds of Lighting Effects for all Image Files

The PhotoLight program comes with 500 already made lighting effects built into the program that you can choose from to create your special effects on your image files. You can create special effects and do it using as many layers as you want, there is no limit.

2. Create your Own Lighting Effects

Besides the built in templates, you can also choose to create your own lighting effects. The program features a large database of shapes; you can make spots, halos, blinds, grids or more. Some of the effects that you can choose from are glow, fog, shadows, or many others.

3. Handles Light Distortion

This program even takes care of light distortion issues, for instance, have you ever noticed that the lighting underwater is differently dispersed than the light above the water? PhotoLight has, and it compensates for this so all the photos come out perfect.