3 Key Features of PhotoFixLens

With PhotoFixLens, any photographer can avoid the frustration of seeing his initial images distorted because of incorrect angle or perspective. There are many programs with complicated applications to make photos look better after much editing, but for the amateur photographer, PhotoFixLens is an excellent solution for common photography issues. The corrective applications are great help to photographers who want more out of every photo. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Pincushion and Barrel Distortion

Because many cameras have a wide-angle lens, photos might look concave and convex, making images look either shrunken or bloated. Most non-professional digital cameras suffer from this kind of distortion, which is almost unavoidable with architectural shots. PhotoFixLens solves this with ease.

2. Vignetting

This happens along the edge of the photo, where colors are distorted due to focus issues, making photos look like they were taken by a fish-eye lens all the time. PhotoFixLens helps you fix this through color and brightness.

3. Fringes

Because the camera is sometimes unable to capture all color and light wavelengths (and certain spots in the background become exaggerated with contrast), the subject of the photo can become discolored when taking photos in backgrounds with high contrast, having a green, purple or reddish discoloration. A great feature of PhotoFixLens is that it fixes this very simply and quickly.