3 Key Features of Photo Go

Photo Go enhances the image and color quality of pictures. The trouble with digital photography is that as technology becomes more advanced, the need to make photos look more visually appealing becomes a necessity. People often post photos online that are easily criticized because of one flaw or another. Sony’s Photo Go takes care of that through the following features.

1. Photo Organization

Photo Go is capable of collecting and organizing cluttered collections and keeping them arranged according to date, rating, location and other personal tags. Thanks to its easy keyword feature, you can search for all related photos immediately.

2. Effects

You can create stunning photographic effects with black-and-white, newspaper, sepia and monochrome effects. Photo Go helps create a theme for your images, giving them a unique personality that other editing programs make difficult to achieve.

3. Tutorials

What’s so great about Sony’s Photo Go is that the program adds video tutorials to the text to facilitate the learning process. By clicking the "Show Me How" button and choosing a topic, the videos, dialogue and guides will walk you through every step to help you get that perfect effect in your picture collection.