3 Key Features of Mosaic Software

Mosaic software is an easy-to-use digital file management program. Depending on your needs, Mosaic can also be a digital asset management solution. Mosaic is a server application, so you will need to have access to a server to run the program. If you do not have a server, Mosaic can host the application for you. Being that Mosaic is server based, it can be accessed from both Mac and Windows based computers. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Intelligent Search

One of the best features of Mosaic is intelligent search. Mosaic will group your digital files into different categories for you. For example, you may have an images category, a logos category and a documents category. When you upload digital files to Mosaic, the files are entered with metadata, which allows you to enter keywords into the search box in Mosaic to easily locate your digital files.

2. Collections

Do you have a group of files that you work with on a regular basis? Mosaic allows you to group those files together and save them as a collection. Instead of having to search for those files or go into different categories to locate them, the files will be grouped together in a collection that can be accessed from the main screen in Mosaic.

3. User Management

Mosaic allows you to create user accounts for the different people that need to access the files that you have on Mosaic. You can create the user accounts with password protection for security purposes. The user management tools in Mosaic even allow you to dictate which users will be able to access which assets or categories in Mosaic.