3 Key Features of MagicCamera

MagicCamera, which is made by ShiningMorning Software, is an easy to use webcam program. Basically, MagicCamera comes with features that will enhance the way you video chat with others. MagicCamera is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Webcam Effects

MagicCamera comes with dozens of cool webcam effects that will enhance your webcam chat experience. MagicCamera allows you to apply visual transform effects to your face as well as funny photo frames. You can even type text directly into your webcam screen with MagicCamera. Best of all, MagicCamera comes with a user friendly interface that allows you to apply webcam effects with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

2. Webcam Recording

One of the best features of MagicCamera is webcam recording. MagicCamera allows you to record any webcam video or activities that are on your screen so that you can play them back at a later time. You can even take still pictures while you are chatting with a friend or family member with MagicCamera.

3. Virtual Webcam

The virtual webcam feature in MagicCamera allows you to simulate a fake webcam. By simulating a fake webcam, you are able to play prerecorded photos or videos via your webcam instead of showing your face. If one of your friends lives hours away, you can broadcast a movie through your webcam that the two of your can watch together. MagicCamera can output up to 1680 by 1050, which creates an amazing, high quality video.