3 Key Features of FunPhotoBox

FunPhotoBox is a place online where photographers can share pictures and use editing tools to create interesting and intriguing creations. There are many different options to choose from. All you have to do is choose the template of the special effects design that interests you and then create your photo with it. Here are three key features of FunPhotoBox:

1. Turns Faces into Fun

Using FunPhotoBox, you can do all sorts of fun and personal tricks such as make your face into a sign and create your own television show with your face peering out from the screen. You can make other fun things, like animation and more, using FunPhotoBox’s editing tools (in just a few moments).

2. Shares Photos Online

You can have fun and share your creations with all your friends and relatives by uploading your finished projects to the web and joining the FunPhotoBox gallery. Or, you can browse the available galleries and get some ideas to make your own funny faces.

3. Lots of Templates Available

FunPhotoBox comes with many different templates to upload your photos into and make interesting projects. You can also go on the website and find more to choose from.