3 Key Features of Digital Scrapbook

Digital Scrapbook can be used to create an extraordinary album to record and share memories. It is embedded into the every transfer order for easy editing and sharing directly from the DVD. Its a Windows PC video editing software that automatically launches from the DVD disc without needing to install other video editing software or drivers. This is a guaranteed software for all transfer orders and will always be included in the DVD delivered to the client. Here are some of Digital Scrapbook’s special features:

1. Easy to Use

Just load in the DVD drive and it will run automatically. Though still not applicable for Macintosh computers, the only requirements for Digital Scrapbook are a DVD playback software and Windows Media Encoder 9 for it to run directly from the DVD.

2. Minimum Requirements

The Digital Scrapbook can run on Windows 2000, XP and Vista with standard graphic and video requirements such as a DVD-ROM drive and 800X600 screen resolution, 500mhz  to 1Ghz processor, 256 to 512 MB Ram and a 20 GB hard drive.

3. Special Editing Functions

You can capture snapshots from your video transfer order for easy printing and emailing. Create custom storyboards with these shots. Add music tracks and captions easily into the newly created videos.