3 Key Features of DigiPhoto Gallery

DigiPhoto is a computer software photo album program that lets users organize photos, make digital slide shows, digital photo albums, print photos and otherwise manage their image files. Here are some of its features:

1. Lets Users make Slide Shows for Playback on many different Digital Devices

Using the DigiPhoto software, you can easily make beautiful slide shows using your favorite photo files to play on your favorite devices. It is compatible with HDTV, iPad, iPhone, PDAs, Apple TV, and iPods.

2. Includes a Handy Photo Viewer

The program has its own photo viewer, making it unnecessary to have additional photo software installed to look at or manage your image files. It can automatically see all your image files, making it simple to use them in all of your projects and archives.

3. Includes a Photo Archive Option

The program has its own system of making a photo archive, making it quick and simple to manage your photos and organize them into files that allow you to find a certain one fast and easy if you need it. Plus, it is simple to set up and use.

All in all, DigiPhoto is a versatile option for users who want photo editing, photo management and other features in their photo software library.