3 Key Features of Cinestream

Cinestream is an editing and streaming program that is made by Media 100. Cinestream is a web friendly program, which makes it a popular program amongst web developers who are adding movies to their website. A few key features of Cinestream include:

1. Unlimited Layers

Cinestream has unlimited layers, which means you can layer as many filter and video tracks as you would like to achieve the result that you are looking for. You can even import any still images that are supported by QuickTime and add them as video layers to your movie.

2. Chroma and Luma Keying

Thanks to the chroma and luma keying tools that are provided by Cinestream, it is very easy to create clean looking mattes. If you need to clean your mattes up, you can use the color replace filter that is provided by Cinestream. For accurate keying performance in Cinestream, you can adjust the transparency, softness and tolerance sliders.

3. Batch Capture

Cinestream provides batch captures tools, which allow you to log video clips as you are reviewing the footage for the first time. The batch capture tools that are included with Cinestream also make it easy to eliminate footage that isn't needed.