3 Key Features of Camera FX

CameraFX is a free and downloadable computer software program used for photo editing that lets users manipulate their images in real time using capture tools, special effects like twisting and kaleidoscoping. It also features new outline and polar lens, plus 3D FX special effects. Here are some of its features:

1. SupportS Several Devices

It supports both front and back facing cameras. Other than that, it also supports other devices like cell phones and camera flashes, including Nokia and other brands.

2. Has Auto Save

Users never have to worry about losing a completed photo they spent hours fixing with CameraFX auto save. Your images will go automatically into the CameraFX photo album, or you can email or upload them to a website to share.

3. Can make Cool 3D Designs and other Interesting Special Effects

CameraFX is capable of turning your images into interesting 3D photos that you can share using their 3D tunnel or 3D Tube options. You can also do things with your images like flip them, change the colors, adjust brightness and contrast, zoom and do mosaic functions. It also has a night mode for even more interesting special effects options.

CameraFX is as unique and interesting tool to add to your photo editing library that will give you many hours of fun learning how to create special projects out of your existing photos.