3 Key Features of BadCopy Pro

BadCopy Pro is a data recovery program that is made by Jufosft. BadCopy Pro is capable of recovering both lost and corrupted data in a matter of minutes. BadCopy Pro is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will go over a few of the many key features of BadCopy Pro.

1. Supported Media

One of the best features of BadCopy Pro is the fact that BadCopy Pro supports most popular storage media. BadCopy Pro can recover lost or corrupted data from CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, flash drives, zip disks and much more. BadCopy Pro can even recover lost images from digital camera memory cards.

2. Recovering Files

Many data recovery programs are only able to recover lost or corrupted documents. In addition to being able to recover documents, BadCopy Pro can also recover lost or corrupted applications, images and much more. If BadCopy Pro recovers an application, the application will be in working order when the data recovery process is finished.

3. Risk Free

BadCopy Pro is a completely safe to use data recovery program. When BadCopy Pro saves data for you, the data is not saved to your original disc. Instead, BadCopy Pro will save the recovered data to any folder that you specify.