3 Important Features of the Geforce FX GPUs

The Geforce FX is a series of mainstream graphic cards made by Nvidia. The Geforce FX series of graphic cards are designed to produce cinema quality graphics. Important features of the Geforce FX GPUs include the CineFX engine, high precision graphics, DirectX 9 optimization and support.

1. CineFX Engine

All Geforce FX GPUs contain the CineFX engine. The CineFX engine optimizes all stages of the pixel pipeline, which increases the quality of the graphics that you see on your computer screen. Graphics will also move faster thanks to the CineFX engine that is included with all Geforce FX GPUs.

2. High Precision Graphics

If you are a gamer, you will love the high precision graphics that are produced by the Geforce FX GPUs. To produce cinema quality graphics, the Geforce FX GPUs features a 128-bit graphics pipeline. 128-bit color produces millions of color choices for each channel, while 32-bit color, which is what most graphics cards have, only produces 256 choices.

3. DirectX 9 Optimization and Support

The Geforce FX GPUs are the only graphics cards in their class that provide DirectX 9 support. The vast majority of the latest gaming and multimedia software uses DirectX 9 software, which means you won't have to worry about not being able to play your favorite games with the Geforce FX GPUs.