3 Important Features of QImage Ultimate

QImage Ultimate is a great batch photo printing tool that is made by DDI Software. A free 14 day trial of QImage Ultimate is available and QImage Ultimate is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Here are some important features of this program:

1. RAW File Support

One of the best features of QImage Ultimate is RAW file support. RAW file support means that QImage Ultimate is capable of opening photos that have been taken by your digital camera without the need to convert them to a popular image format. Not only does that protect the quality of your photos, but it also ensures that QImage Ultimate will open and print your photos faster.

2. Tone Targeted Sharpening

Tone targeted sharpening is a great feature that is included with QImage Ultimate. Basically, you can use the tone targeted sharpening unsharp mask to sharpen the subject of your photo without sharpening the entire subject. Best of all, you can use the tone targeted sharpening tool in QImage Ultimate by simply clicking on your subject with an eyedropper.

3. Basic Editing Tools

QImage Ultimate may be a batch photo printing tool, but it also comes with a few easy to use basic editing tools. The basic editing tools that are included with QImage Ultimate include the red eye removal tool and noise filters. QImage Ultimate even comes with an auto exposure tool that can fix the brightness and contrast of your photos with just a single click of your mouse.