3 Important Features of QImage Studio

QImage Studio, which is made by DDI Software, is a professional photographic printing program. QImage Studio has won many awards for its fantastic batch printing and processing tools. This guideline will go over a few important features of QImage Studio.

1. Printer Support

QImage Studio is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems that are version 95 and newer. That includes Windows 7 64 bit. QImage Studio provides printer support for any and all printers that are able to run on Windows 95 or newer. QImage Studio also supports all printer capabilities, including borderless printing.

2. Photo Print Quality

One of the best features of QImage Studio is the photo print quality that it produces. You will have a hard time finding a photographic printing program that outputs photos in better quality than QImage Studio does. Not only does QImage Studio support all Windows printers, it also optimizes photos for the specific printer that you are using to ensure that your photos are printed in the highest quality possible.

3. Available Print Sizes

Of course, QImage Studio can configure your photos to be printed on standard size photo paper, such as 4 inch by 6 inch paper and 8 inch by 10 inch paper. However, QImage Studio is also able to print large canvas prints, including prints that feature wrap options and canvas mirror edges. If you have a wide format printer, QImage Studio can print photos as large as your printer allows it to. QImage Studio can even print proof sheets, contact sheets, order sheets and much more.