3 Important Features of Cyberlink MediaShow

Cyberlink MediaShow is an easy-to-use program that allows you to preserve and share your photos and videos. In addition to being able to create slideshows, Cyberlink MediaShow can also be used to share your photos and videos online, burn your photos and videos to DVD, and much more. Cyberlink MediaShow is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Here are three important features of this program:

1. Slideshow Creation

Cyberlink MediaShow allows you to easily turn your photos into video slideshows. With Cyberlink MediaShow, there is no such thing as a boring photo slideshow. Cyberlink MediaShow allows you to add music, animated text and transition effects to your slideshow so you can spice it up and make it more interesting. Cyberlink MediaShow even comes with a wide selection of easy to apply templates.

2. One Click Fixes

Cyberlink MediaShow is even capable of editing images. With just a single click of your mouse, Cyberlink MediaShow can remove red eye from your images, correct the brightness and contrast of your images, and much more. Cyberlink MediaShow even comes with one click video editing tools that can remove noise from grainy videos and stabilize any shakiness that occurs in your video.

3. Smart Face Tagging

One of the best features of Cyberlink MediaShow is smart face tagging. Cyberlink MediaShow comes with FaceMe technology, which automatically identifies the face of the subject in your photo. You can then tag your photo so you can easily search for it on your own or upload it to popular social networking sites such as Facebook. If you have created a list of friends in Cyberlink MediaShow, Cyberlink MediaShow can even provide a tagging suggestion if you have tagged the same person in the past.