3 Great Features of ZoomBrowser

ZoomBrowser, which is made by Canon, is an easy-to-use, fully featured photo management program. ZoomBrowser is even capable of editing photos. Here are a few great features of ZoomBrowser:

1. Image Downloads

ZoomBrowser makes it easy for you to download your images from your digital camera directly into ZoomBrowser. Simply connect your camera to your computer, open up ZoomBrowser, and all of your photos will be displayed in ZoomBrowser. You can even select which photos you want ZoomBrowser to download to your computer's hard drive. To make your life easier, ZoomBrowser will sort your images by the day you took them, as well.

2. Image Editing Tools

ZoomBrowser comes with a wide array of easy to use image editing tools. ZoomBrowser can handle everything from adjusting the brightness of your photos to correcting the color balance of your photos to removing red eye from your photos. If you took a short video with your digital camera, ZoomBrowser even allows you to add titles and effects to the video and extract the best scenes from the video.

3. Sharing Photos

Of course, you can use ZoomBrowser to configure your photos for printing. However, ZoomBrowser also makes it easy for you to share your photos with your friends and family via email. In addition to helping you resize your photos for quick and easy emailing, ZoomBrowser will also help you attach your photos to your email client. You can even use ZoomBrowser to save your images on CDs.