3 Great Features of TrueBlur

The TrueBlur software program helps to make your images look more realistic by giving them a softer appearance. It is a plug-in type program that can be used with other photo editing software, and it works with PC and Mac computers. Here are some of its features.

1. Offers Two Controls

TrueBlur can do two things for your photo files: add noise or blur an area of the image. While you may usually not want either of these things done, sometimes it works to create a special effect. In the case of blurring, it can make part of the picture unreadable, like in the case of someone not wanting their face to be recognized. This is used often in police work when a suspect is in the picture along with someone who doesn’t need to be identified.

2. Works With Specific Camera Functions

You can use the blur control in the program just like a camera can by using depth of field through the LensFit option. You have to set the program to work with your camera model. It supports many types of cameras, including over 50 brands like Canon, Nikon, Apple and dozens of others.

3. Works with More than One Kind of Photo

TruBlur can work with both 8- and 16-bit RGB color photos for your convenience. This make things quiet workable if you have photos in different formats.