3 Great Features of ThumbNailer

ThumbNailer is an HTML maker and thumbnail creator that is made by Smaller Animal Software. ThumbNailer can also be used for performing basic image editing functions, such as converting and resizing images. ThumbNailer is available for Windows operating systems only. Here are a few great features of ThumbNailer:

1. User Friendly Interface

ThumbNailer comes with various wizards that will help you out with what you are doing. For example, the wizards in ThumbNailer can help you create thumbnail images and image galleries, change the color depth of images and much more. ThumbNailer also utilizes drag and drop technology that allows you to drag single photos or entire folders and drop them directly into ThumbNailer.

2. Supported Files

One of the best features of ThumbNailer is the fact that ThumbNailer supports all major image file formats. A few of the image file formats that are supported by ThumbNailer include JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PSD. ThumbNailer even supports RAW image file formats from must popular digital camera brands, including Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Sony. Your thumbnails will be of better quality when using RAW image file formats because detail is often lost during the conversion process.

3. HTML Features

In addition to being an easy to use thumbnail creator, ThumbNailer is also an easy to use HTML maker. The HTML generator that comes with ThumbNailer can have a website page up and running for you in no time at all that has links, tables and much more. ThumbNailer even comes with HTML templates that you can use.