3 Great Features of ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is an easy-to-use screencasting program that is made by Telestream. ScreenFlow can handle everything from capturing still images to capturing video to publishing captured images and video. ScreenFlow is compatible with Mac operating systems only. A trial download of ScreenFlow is available via the Telestream website so you really have nothing to lose by downloading the program and testing it out yourself. This guideline will go over a few of the many great features of ScreenFlow so you can get an understanding of what the program can do for you.

1. Screen Capture

ScreenFlow is one of the best screen capture programs that is available for computers that run a Mac operating system. As previously mentioned, in addition to being able to capture still images, ScreenFlow can also capture audio, DVD video, keynote presentations and much more. You will be hard pressed to find a similar screen capture program that is able to capture images and video with the quality that ScreenFlow does. Thanks to SSE and Altivec acceleration, ScreenFlow is able to capture images and video at an extremely fast rate. To save space on your computer, ScreenFlow uses 64-bit compression to compress your captured images, video and audio before saving the media to your computer.

2. Editing

One of the best features of ScreenFlow is its ability to edit the video and audio that you have captured with the program. If you only need a portion of the captured clip, simply use the trim tool to cut out what you need so you can discard the other portion of the audio or video clip. You can even add pan and zoom effects to your video. When working with captured audio clips, ScreenFlow allows you to change the audio levels of the clip. If you need to make changes to the video clip that you are working on, ScreenFlow comes with a tool that can help you add media that you already have into the screencast. Best of all, all of the edits that you will need to perform in ScreenFlow can be completed on an easy to use timeline that you may have seen in other programs in the past.

3. Sharing Captured Media

ScreenFlow makes it easy for you to share your captured media with your friends and family. ScreenFlow is able to export captured images, video and audio in a popular file format, which means you can easily share that media with your friends and family via email or a social networking website. If you have an account with YouTube, ScreenFlow can upload your captured media directly to your YouTube account for you. Simply enter your log-in information in ScreenFlow and the program will handle everything else. ScreenFlow uses custom GPU algorithms when it is exporting your captured media, which means your images, video and audio will be outputed in the highet quality possible. Even extremely small text can be read by the naked eye when it is exported by ScreenFlow.