3 Great Features of Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an easy-to-use image editor that is made exclusively for Mac operating systems. In addition to being an image editor, Pixelmator also serves as a photo browser. This guideline will go over a few great features of Pixelmator, including hand drawing freedom, a wide selection of painting tools, and state of the art filters and effects.

1. Hand Drawing Freedom

One of the best features of Pixelmator is hand drawing freedom. Pixelmator comes with graphics drawing tablet support that allows you to create unique graphics by hand. Tools that are included with Pixelmator that will help you hand draw graphics include the brush, pencil and clone stamp. If you aren't happy with your work, simply use the erase tool and start again.

2. Painting Tools

Pixelmator comes with a full assortment of painting tools standard. The great thing about the painting tools that are included with Pixelmator is your ability to change the brush size, hardness and shape of the tool you are using. Pixelmator even allows you to combine gradients with other painting tools, such as the fill tool and brush, to create one of a kind graphics.

3. Filters and Effects

Pixelmator comes with over 130 filters and special effects that you can apply to your photos. A few of the filters and special effects that are included with Pixelmator are color, distortion, tile generator, transition and blur sharpen. Unlike other image editing programs, when you apply a filter or effect to an image in Pixelmator, you will see the results in real time.