3 Great Features of PhotoTools

PhotoTools works quickly to give your images a more professional look. There are several useful features that make this program very useful. There are, for example, hundreds of professional quality effects that you can use. Here is a look at some other very useful features:

1. Special Effects

  • Image optimization helps in optimizing images.
  • Black and white conversions can help you to convert color images to black and white.
  • Instant Art Series helps in converting photographs into artistic renderings (drawings and paintings).
  • Photo Tools has the capability of providing full screen previews of your image effects even before the effects are applied. 

2. Frame Treatment

You can easily create temporary frames from a range of contemporary frames. You can also make use of texture overlays that provide you with different textures such as film grains that you can add to your images. Color tinting allows you to add color tints to images.

3. Color Treatment

This category includes various color treatments while the photo filters category includes virtually every photo filter that you are already using on your camera, but also includes a graduated tobacco, regular neutral densities and even polarizer.