3 Great Features of PhotoFit

PhotoFit is a software program that is used to “stitch” photo images together to create a panoramic version of several photos all at once. This is great for attaching scenery shots together to make a big poster (or maybe just to make it look more realistic). Here are some features of the program.

1. Resolve Issues

When PhotoFit works its magic to put the string of images together, it can overcome problems such as distortion issues, proportion problems, and other things that may cause a stoppage in putting your photos into a panoramic scene. It compensates for these and other issues and keeps right on making the final product.

2. Create Views from Several Angles

PhotoFit doesn’t just make panoramic products that face one direction. Using this program, you can make a panoramic view that goes up and down, across, diagonal, or even create wide-angle special effects. If you want a special panoramic product, then this is the program you want to buy. There is no need to worry if your original file is crooked or going in the wrong direction, as this program can compensates for that too.

3. Access Multiple Image Files

PhotoFit can take photos you have stored in regular formats like jpeg or tiff. Plus, you can access photos directly from your camera or media card or scanner for more versatility in your choices.