3 Great Features of PhotoAcute

PhotoAcute is an easy to use program that can improve your digital photos. With PhotoAcute, you will be able to achieve photos that have less noise and more details. PhotoAcute can also enhance your photos to increase dynamic range and reduce chromatic aberrations. PhotoAcute is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Noise Reduction

Many image editing programs are able to reduce noise. However, unlike other image editing programs, PhotoAcute can reduce noise without losing the details of your image. PhotoAcute automatically reduces noise in your photos by combining several of the same photos to achieve the perfect image. PhotoAcute can even provide high noise reduction without making your image look less sharp or detailed.

2. Image Geometry Correction

Have you ever taken a picture of something, only to realize that your picture looks different than the object that you photographed? For example, you may have photographed a bridge, but in your picture, the bridge looks a bit crooked. The cause of that is usually camera optics. PhotoAcute can automatically correct geometric distortion that is caused by camera optics, which leaves you with a photo that is identical to the object that you photographed.

3. Depth of Field Expansion

One of the best features of PhotoAcute is depth of field expansion. With depth of field expansion, if you took a couple of pictures of the same mountain range, PhotoAcute would combine those images to give you an enhanced depth of field. If you are taking macrophotography or microphotography shots, then the depth of field expansion feature that is included with PhotoAcute is perfect for you.